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Adirondack Connections was founded in February 2002 by Lynn Malerba and her faithful companion, Gidget. Lynn prefers to spend her days admiring the beauty and wonders of creation. The peacefulness she enjoys in the natural world has drawn her to a less complicated, more fulfilling lifestyle. Her ongoing quest for "simplicity & significance" has helped her lessen the effects of stress, frustration, and weariness on her life. Lynn seeks to live a wholesome, more eco-friendly lifestyle. Through the operation of Adirondack Connections Guide Service, Lynn hopes to:

  1. Share what she has learned that allows her to enjoy more peace, joy, patience and contentment in her daily life.
  2. Provide opportunities for others to experience renewal and refreshment while spending time in the outdoors.
  3. Help others enjoy the many gifts the natural world offers while maintaining such for future generations.
  4. Reside in and continue to call the Adirondack Park her home.

Lynn is a full-time guide, itinerary planner and the trip coordinator for Adirondack Connections Guide Service. Born in Lake Placid, she is an Adirondack native pursuing the outdoor traditions of her father and grandfather. Lynn has a B.S. in Physical Education & Recreation and a M.S. in Education from St. Lawrence University. She taught Physical Education and coached for 20+ years in the Tupper Lake and Long Lake Central Schools before moving her classroom to the wilderness setting. The lessons learned through the experiences she offers have the potential to carry over into generations to come. Lynn is a NYS Licensed Guide (#4043) and is actively involved with the New York State Outdoor Guides Association (NYSOGA) were she has been a director since 2003. Lynn's years of experience and advanced training as a guiding professional has qualified her to be recognized as a NYSOGA Master Guide. She is an Adirondack 46er, a Northeast 111er, an Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) member and acted as Long Lake Central School Outing Club Coordinator 2002-2005. In November 2002, Lynn partnered with the Adirondack Park Agency's Visitor Interpretive Center (VIC) at Newcomb and offered a variety of outdoor trips and workshops until the facility changed hands. She has also planned and led multi-sport vacation trips for REI Adventures in Acadia National Park.

Lynn operates Adirondack Connections from her home on the northern flank of Mt. Morris (the mountain Big Tupper Ski Area is located on) south west of Tupper Lake. When opportunities arise, she partners with lodging facilities near her home and offers B & B accommodations for guests who desire such. The majority of the trips Lynn plans are organized and often begin from her home base location. She has a wealth of experience hiking, backpacking, camping, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, winter camping, paddling and trip leading, throughout the Adirondacks, Shenandoah & Acadia National Parks and the White Mountains, which she brings to her wilderness excursions.

More information about Lynn and Adirondack Connections is available for viewing at:
Women Guides Live Their Dreams, published in the Adirondack Explorer (Mar/Apr 2008)
At Work Guiding in the Adirondacks with Lynn Malerba, published in Northern Woodlands (Winter 2009 issue)


The guides & partners of Adirondack Connections Guide Service believe that good preparation along with knowledge of how to preserve our wilderness areas, are crucial elements for an enjoyable and safer wilderness experience. Adirondack Connections provides educational backcountry experiences, which enhance wilderness ethics and outdoor skills. We teach, practice and promote personal safety, wilderness skills, green principles and responsible recreational usage employing the "teachable moment" philosophy as opposed to "lecturing." The outdoors is our classroom and we believe people learn best through hands-on experience. We tend to be creative, caring, flexible and adventuresome!

Adirondack Connections guides & partners have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. Many tips and tricks have been learned over the years which allow us to provide more comfortable experiences for those we take into the wilderness. We strive to accommodate people of all levels of experience, specializing at the beginner and novice levels. We enjoy sharing time with singles, couples/partners, women and small groups... practically anyone desiring a more intimate, personalized, informative and satisfying wilderness experience!

Though we are most familiar with the High Peaks, Northern, Central and Eastern Adirondack regions of New York, and Maine's Acadia National Park, we also have a fair amount of experience leading trips in Pennsylvania's Pine Creek Canyon area, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine & Virginia.

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